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As IP Telephony continues to grow in the marketplace, many businesses are discovering their data systems to be antiquated and inadequate for supporting Power Over Ethernet (POE), Quality of Service (QOS), and other features required for newer networking technologies.

Global Link offers a full line of systems to upgrade your networking needs with IP functionality in single site or for multiple location deployments.
Full installation and maintenance services
are provided. We are also proud to offer
Consulting Services if needed.

junipergraphExtreme (pdf)

Foundry (pdf)

Juniper (pdf)





HP Network Switch Product Guide - Change the rules of networking (pdf)

HP ProLiant Servers: redefining server economics (pdf)



Brocade AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Security Appliance (pdf)

Brocade FastIron SX Series (pdf)

Brocade FastIron WS Series (pdf)

Brocade FCX Series Switches Fact Sheet (pdf)

Brocade NetIron CER 2000 Series Routers (pdf)

Brocade NetIron XMR Backbone Series Routers (pdf)

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