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• Cabling / Wiring  
Certified Fiber Installation / CAT 3 / CAT 5
Wiring is the backbone of a communications system. If your business needs a single wire run or the wiring of an entire building, we have the experienced staff to complete any job on time. We can work with your plans, or we have experienced schematic architects that can assist you in creating the correct wiring plan to meet your current and future needs. Our highly trained cabling and wiring technicians will do the job right the first time. If wiring is not done correctly it can have devastating effects on speed and efficiency.

• End User / Administrator Site Training  
When you want your end user clients to be as excited about your communication solution as you, Global Link will demonstrate that commitment. Our trainers must meet high standards and have proven experience in making a difference for clients. Your system is only as good as how it is being used.

• Intelligent Dispatch  
Remote diagnostic software provides our call center engineers the ability to analyze the situation prior to the dispatch of a technician.


• Local / Long Distance / T-1 / DSL / SIP Server / SIP Trunk

Who has the best rates? Which is the best calling plan for your company? Will your phone system vendor coordinate the installation of telco lines during your move? Global Link will handle this part of your telecommunications, if you request. We are agents for all the major long distance carriers in Asia,  We can negotiate the best quality and the best price to fit your needs.



• Dependable Service -
Data Centers with Multiple Service Locations.

Data Center Service, Cloud Applications, support for voice and data communications vendor has the ability to make or break a business. In Asia the need to have multiple service locations is critical to our valued customers. Our support centers in Singapore, HK and China, our technicians are on call 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Response time in an emergency situation is when a vendor is put to the test; Global Link, is prepared with crash kits and a technical team for all of the systems we support. We work at times that best suite your schedule. Our goal is to keep you connected and fully operational with little or no downtime to your business.


• On Site Move, Add and Change  
Changes are a common part of supporting a dynamic communications network. Global Link technician is only a call away and will be there when you need them.

• Project Management

Our highly skilled associates can oversee your project anywhere in Asia. Our Project Managers have experience with small and complex projects, such as multi-location, contact center and IP. Experience the Global Link difference.

• Remote System Monitoring and Notification  

Global Link offers a building block approach to support with alarm monitoring, notification, reporting and oversight to resolution. This service should be considered a supplement to enhance your already existing Service Agreement with Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Polycom.

• Remote Software Support  
Our software associates have over 30 years experience.
We can support your enterprise remotely on a moment's notice.We have helped business clients in the areas of VoIP, create, add and change server IP addresses and QoS settings. Audit, redesign and implement call center call flow.

• Service Agreements

The average business keeps their phone system for ten years. Can you think of other investments in your company that you will keep this long, never the less be as critical as your communications network? Global Link services all of the Avaya products. A Service Agreement can oftentimes be helpful when budgeting the cost of a communications system. We offer three different tiers of service agreements in order to meet every customers needs. Global Link Service Agreement gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your phone lines are backed by responsive, value-added support that ensures maximum communication reliability and uptime.

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• VOIP and Data Network Assessment


In order to run VoIP on your LAN or WAN, chances are you'll need to make some changes to your business network, perhaps even redesign it. Although this may sound daunting, keep in mind that VoIP is just an application, albeit one with some unique requirements. Your network design and capacity can make or break VoIP. Delay, jitter, packet loss and unreliability pose problems for the real-time application.

So before we install your first business VoIP switch or phone, we will assess your network thoroughly. Preferably several months before your VoIP rollout, just in case your network proves to need a major overhaul. Our assessment will ascertain whether your network supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 QoS (Quality of Service) and VLANs (virtual LANs); measure your capacity; and determine if your network can support the added bandwidth VoIP demands. It's especially important to make sure the network can handle extra voice traffic during busy hours. At a minimum, we will look at a full month's data traffic to gauge cyclical changes in network activity by all the groups in your organization. We will drill down into the data regarding peak hours, and collect smaller samples of data that show one-minute or even five- or 10-second peaks. We will also look for peak calling times in your PBX's call-detail records. We will be able to determine the number of simultaneous calls you must support and how much bandwidth the VoIP application will add. We will make sure there's room for your existing applications and anticipated growth as well.

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