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We take your network management very seriously. We bring four main topics into focus when we analyze your network.

  1. Security: We make sure that your network is protected from unauthorized users
  2. Performance: We check for bottleneck and hurdles in the network to improve performance.
  3. Reliability: We make sure the network is available to all users that are authorized for access
  4. Stability: Its critical that the network operates 24/7 and our engineers work hard to see that it does.

We analyze your operation to insure that the services provided by your network are kept up and running smoothly and efficiently. Our services include monitoring the network to spot problems before they arise, and before users are affected. Administration deals with maintaining the network resources and how they are assigned. It includes those chores necessary to keep the network under control. Maintenance procedures are concerned with repairs and upgrades, when equipment should be replaced, or when a switch need a a software upgrade or new device is added to the network. Our network maintenance also involved corrective and preventive measures to make the managed network run better such as adjusting devices and configuration parameters. When we set up provisioning for a network we concern ourselves with configuring a network to support given service such as setting up a new customer to receive voice service.

Our engineers perform further functions such as:

  • Controlling Network Resource
  • Planning Net Network Expansions
  • Network Deployments
  • Network Monitoring, including frequency allocation.
  • Predetermined Traffic Routing
  • Load Balancing
  • Cryptographic Key Distribution
  • Fault Management
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Route Analytics
  • Accounting Management

In the past, network management mainly consisted of monitoring whether devices were working or not. Today network performance management has become a crucial part of the IT department's role which brings a whole new host of challenges for the global organization. Because we are focused on the network, the network wins and so do you.

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