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IP Networks Security

As enterprise customers consider to plan and deploy IP converged networks that support both data and voice traffic, the need for secure and assured infrastructures that provide superior levels of performance and reliability increases. By combining best-of-class products and service capabilities into a unified, intelligent solution for Cisco, Juniper Networks' and Avaya's strategic alliance leverages their combined strengths to provide innovative and converged solutions for today's enterprise customers.

The strategic alliance spans the following areas:

  • Delivering designed, tested and certified solutions configurations with assurance that customer are deploying the best-in-class networking, security, and IP telephony systems resulting in a unified and cohesive solution.

  • Comprehensive procurement, delivery & support capabilities for Juniper Networks' products, including software installation and support services, from Avaya, Pacific Solution,
    and Juniper J-Partners.

  • Joint development of innovative new products that leverage each company's core expertise to deliver superior customer value, service, and market-leading product capabilities.

This alliance delivers an end-to-end IP telephony solution that addresses key challenges of performance, security and interoperability.


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