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IP Office / Cisco Call Manager for Small Business

An advanced communications solution, IP Office delivers on the Avaya value proposition of convergence in every market space by addressing the small to medium business. It provides a next generation family of solutions that allows small business customers to improve their infrastructure while controlling costs and reducing risk. This is an ideal solution for those businesses that have made or plan to make a significant investment in IP networks to run their business and who are looking for voice applications to run on that network.

It is a total communications solution developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses and scales through the introduction of modules. This system is particularly valuable for customers with multiple small offices or remote branches of larger organizations, and those customers interested in managing a call center.

An "all in one" solution supporting voice and data communications with a suite of business applications designed for small and mid-sized businesses, it can be set up as a traditional PBX, an IP telephony server, or a combination of both. It meets the needs of companies that want to implement traditional telephony phones today, and evolve to IP over time, as well as companies ready to implement a full IP solution now.

As an authorized licensed dealer our technicians can provide installation and support services. We can configure your system for a single site location, a branch location (e.g., "small of large"), a call center, or a conference bridge unit. With its networking features, companies can extend communication capabilities remotely, centralize voice communications across multiple sites, or connect branch sites.

Avaya Quick Edition System for SMB (download pdf)

IP Office (download pdf)

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Communication Manager
Avaya's Communication Manager builds from on their long history of success around the Definity phone platform to meet telephony needs for the larger enterprise. In conjunction with Avaya’s Media Gateways and Servers, Communication Manager supports up to 250 remote offices, 36,000 end users, and 300,000 busy hour call completions. Let our Avaya Certified Design Team work with you providing installation, maintenance and support services for building a truly enterprise wide communications solution.



Communication Manager (download pdf)

IP Phones for CM (download pdf)

CM Rls 5 (download pdf)

Remote Monitoring (download pdf)


definity phoneLegacy

Businesses who currently have an AT&T, Lucent or Avaya application can find exceptional technical support for their Legacy Systems at Global Link. For some companies there is no need to do a forklift of the old system in order to use new features and functionality, like VOIP or Call Recording, call Global Link and speak with one of our support engineers about upgrade options. Extend the life of your Legacy System with an upgrade of the current software. AT&T designed the legacy systems with the intention of software driven upgrades to enhance investment protection.

Definity ®
Global Link offers service and support for this fully scalable legacy PBX solution. This system has been a tried and tested Avaya flagship product for over 20-years. Along with offering a feature set that can make any business more efficient and productive this system provides the reliable TDM technology for the communication centric enterprise business operation.

Definity Brochure (download pdf)


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