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definityLegacy Communication Systems

For some companies there is no need to do a complete forklift in order to use new telecommunication features and functionality, like IP-VOIP or Call Recording. Call Global Link and speak with one of our engineers about upgrade options and establishing a service level agreement. Extend the life of your system with an upgrade of the current software. AT&T designed the legacy system with the intention of software driven upgrades to enhance investment protection.

Definity ®
Global Link offers service and support for this fully scalable legacy PBX solution. This is a tried and tested Avaya telecommunication flagship product for over 20-years. Along with offering a feature set that can make any business more efficient and productive, it provides the reliable TDM technology for the communication centric enterprise operation.

MerlinMerlin Magix ® / Merlin Legend

Both Merlin Magix and its immediate predecessor, Merlin Legend, have a large installed base and are among the most popular mid-sized PBXs in the market. Merlin Magix has a successful 15-year plus history in the market, offers a migration path from Merlin Legend and continues to deliver solid performance. The system has a capacity of 80 lines and up to 200 extensions and over 150 telephony features.

Merlin Magix customers using the 4400-series sets can migrate to IP Office protecting their set investment. In some instances, Avaya IP Office is installed and used as an IP gateway for IP trunks and phones while the Merlin Magix provides core call processing functionality. This allows customers to implement upgrades and achieve full IP Office service at a later date.

Avaya Merlin Magix Brochure (download pdf)

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