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IT departments in today’s economy are continually being asked to do more with less infrastructure, and to use the resources they currently have. Server Virtualization will reduce the amount of hardware, and free up valuable rack space. It’s about saving time and money...


According to various published studies most companies are using 15-20% of their server’s processing capability. That means that 80% of their server resources are not being utilized. You see from an applications perspective, it only sees and interacts with the applications that are running under its control within the virtual operating system. Thus it cannot see the applications that may be located in another virtual OS (operating system).


At Global Link, we understand virtualization and the advantages as well as limitations that exist. Choosing us as your Virtualization and Network Infrastructure company will guarantee increased stability within your company's IT management system. You see, we understand the challenges that you are up against today. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough resources to go around. But by balancing these resources and the knowledge that we deliver to your network framework, we can give you more of what you have been looking for…time and money.


The business world has changed dramatically the last 20 years. Almost any business process that is performed today involves a computer and software, thus moving from paper to electrons. The increase of usage of the internet has moved this transformation multi-fold and accelerated the processes we use in business. Thus, where we were once able to get by with one server doing multi tasks, now most companies, small and large, have multiple servers in their facility. Multiple servers mean multiple problems unless managed and engineered correctly.

The following are 5 procedures from Global Link that will help to insure a successful deployment of your servers through virtualization.

  1. Allow us to implement ONE Server in the beginning so you can see the results. Chances are, you’ll have at least one extra server or tons of added space before we get done.
  2. Allow our people to train yours. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but by increasing your knowledge, we’ll prove to you how valuable ours is.
  3. Reevaluate your situation at least quarterly. We can do this for you, continually showing you how to save resources, time, and money.
  4. Virtualization will also reduce the number of machines and time required for backups and maintenance. We will work with you to review this.
  5. Many of your hardware vendors including servers, PBX, video, storage, backup, desktops and databases may benefit from Virtualization. Allow us to review your entire environment.

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