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Communication Manager
This phone solution integrates telephony call processing, call control, messaging, contact center, and a widely accepted application programming interface into a highly scalable system architecture designed to support both circuit-based and IP-based business telephony within a distributed enterprise communications network.

Communication Manager builds from Avaya’s long history of success around the Definity phone platform to meet telephony needs for the larger enterprise.

In conjunction with Avaya’s Media Gateways and Servers, Communication Manager supports up to 250 remote business offices, 36,000 end users, and 300,000 busy hour call completions. Let our Avaya Certified Design Team work with you in building a truly enterprise wide communications solution.

Communication Manager (pdf)

IP Phones for CM (pdf)

CM Rls 5 (pdf)

Remote Monitoring (pdf)

Avaya Aura Overview (pdf)

Avaya Aura Servers and Gateways (pdf)

Avaya Aura Session Manager (pdf)

Avaya Aura System Manager (pdf)

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