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user groupsCustomer User Groups

Establishing user group organizations worldwide has long been an example of Avaya’s ongoing commitment to putting the customer first. Avaya user groups independently share information regarding Avaya products and services encompassing the entire product portfolio. User forums are equally important to Avaya in evaluating solutions and offers to better support customer needs. Three main user groups exist today, each of which is covered in more detail below.

International Alliance of Users
Maintains a strategic relationship with customers in order to facilitate a constant, two-way flow of information vital in providing the best communications solutions available. The InAAU group meets yearly at different locations throughout the United States to review new products and services.

International Association of Messaging Professionals (IAMP)
Another independent professional association, IAMP provides news, sponsors events and discussion groups, and supports professionals using Avaya’s Messaging products.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Be heard by the manufacturer regarding products and services
  • Comprehensive users groups to collaborate and share information
  • Invitation to be part of Avaya’s going forward strategy, not simply an end-user
  • In-Depth knowledge of upcoming Avaya products and services


Why is this important?
Customers with a high level of knowledge don’t just want to use a communications product, they want to have a say in usage and development. Avaya User Groups are very closely monitored by Avaya and participation is encouraged. Rest assured, Avaya values your opinions and will work hand-in-hand with your organization to continually evaluate their communications platform.


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